Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Halloween was a nightmare for me. People kept coming up to me and giving me candy and telling me that I had the best costume they had ever seen. My self esteem is very low today. Depression and Hershey bars are not a good combination. So please don't mention Halloween when you stop by.


  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger BPRandRLive said…

    Don't sweat the small human stuff, Tank. I'm suspecting you are wired of tougher material than what your words currently display, but I am not skilled in computer programming.

    Look at it this way. Many, many children and adults enjoyed some quality time playing dress-up while you kept the world safe from what you are programmed to protect in your role as receptionist, which is the legal, ethical and moral standing of a legal organization engaging in the public service sector of this planet.

    Hang in there! I didn't even dress up this Halloween any further than changing my shirt from what I wore to work, but people liked my costume anyway! ;>)

    Warmest wishes from a Patch Of Digital Mass,



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