Sunday, November 13, 2005

fantasy curling

Tomorrow is the draft day for my fantasy curling league. I have been studying very hard and I plan on winning the league this year. One problem I have is that I cannot find any curling information in the sports pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. There must be curling leagues in the city and intermural leagues on campus here at CMU, but I cannot locate any info on them. Is curling more of an underground sport in Pittsburgh? I will ask some of my fellow tailgaters at the Steeler game tonight if we can start tailgating before the curling matches.


  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger TexSax said…

    I gave-up curling for competion a long time ago. I am human and only do it for physical therapy now.
    This should be the biggest blog on the net by now. I am totally in awe of your existence. We have a lot in common. As soon as my brother and I get my new computer built and operational, I'll get back to you with some ideas about preserving this planet and it's inhabitants. Meanwhile, if you're ever in New York City or Long Island, I'd be glad to show you around the town and the beaches.
    Peace, Tex


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